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Bargain hunting lifts stocks as oil rally fades.

Pension Fund and Keane.
Italy's mini-bond rules may be adapted to Islamic finance

Islamic Finance

Feb 16 A law firm and an Islamic finance advisory firm are working to adapt Italy's "mini-bonds" legislation to provide sharia-compliant funding options as an alternative to bank lending.

Street Finance Corp.

A proposed settlement offer to end the legal clash over John Keane's pension got unsettled Tuesday when a City Council committee voted to demand more financial concessions from the Police and Fire Pension Fund and Keane.

Element Financial

Three years of recession have limited funding for Italian companies, in particular for smaller firms, which is encouraging the use of less traditional funding sources such as those found in Islamic finance.

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The unanimous vote by the Finance Committee marks another unexpected twist in the long-running battle over the special pension for Keane, who recently retired as executive director of the Police and Fire Pension Fund.

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Global equity markets rallied on Tuesday as investors engaged in bargain hunting and shrugged off a downturn in oil prices after hopes for an agreement among top producers to freeze output faded.

After an extended holiday weekend, Wall Street financials (.SPSY), up 1.8 percent, and consumer discretionary stocks (.SPLRCD), up 2.5 percent, were among the best performing sectors on the session after showing some of the largest declines for the year.


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