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There was a time, not too many years ago, when relationship short articles were the hot topic. They still are, but they're not the best topic anymore. In its place is now money and security. One of my publishers, whose viewpoints I significantly respect, was speaking with me about the type of short articles that the majority of people read these days and we thought that with individuals so worried about wanting to fulfill and wed their true love that they were the short articles most individuals incline. We were incorrect.

I was examining the statistics of the articles that I've written over the last four years (over 900 articles) and what I found is that relationships, which used to be the focal point of people, has actually been steadily losing ground to posts about money high risk merchant .

People are now more worried about financial security than fulfilling their soul mate. There is more of a here today, gone tomorrow, way of looking at their lives. And business posts, which utilized to be a huge drawing card, don't appear to have the exact same impact that they used to.

Today's hot topics center around getting money for nothing. Individuals have actually always been attracted to short articles about getting a great deal of money without needing to work for it, however recently, it's been nearly a mania, as confirmed by all individuals who set up gofundme sites. This principle is now called crowdsourcing. I call it panhandling or standing there with an asking bowl in your hands asking strangers for money.

I had heard a story about a lazy, spoiled, twenty-one-year-old girl, who is in excellent health, establishing a gofundme site asking individuals to contribute money so that she can go to Japan on a two-week vacation. The give out, pleading bowl principle, irritated me so much that I composed a post about it. And, would not you know it, however the number of individuals who read that a person short article climbed much greater and much faster than most of my other posts.

Individuals have a look at Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and all they can see is the billions of dollars they have and they wish to have what those two men have. They don't see all the hard work that went into accumulating that wealth, nor do they see the kind of effort they do to sustain their wealth. They simply see a great deal of money and they think they are entitled to the exact same riches.

Sad to state, however we're staying in a lazy, self-centered, society these days and we've lost our ethical compass along the way. We need to get back to things that are actually important prior to our entire society comes crumbling down around us.



Bargain hunting lifts stocks as oil rally fades.

Pension Fund and Keane.
Italy's mini-bond rules may be adapted to Islamic finance

Islamic Finance

Feb 16 A law firm and an Islamic finance advisory firm are working to adapt Italy's "mini-bonds" legislation to provide sharia-compliant funding options as an alternative to bank lending.

Street Finance Corp.

A proposed settlement offer to end the legal clash over John Keane's pension got unsettled Tuesday when a City Council committee voted to demand more financial concessions from the Police and Fire Pension Fund and Keane.

Element Financial

Three years of recession have limited funding for Italian companies, in particular for smaller firms, which is encouraging the use of less traditional funding sources such as those found in Islamic finance.

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The unanimous vote by the Finance Committee marks another unexpected twist in the long-running battle over the special pension for Keane, who recently retired as executive director of the Police and Fire Pension Fund.

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Global equity markets rallied on Tuesday as investors engaged in bargain hunting and shrugged off a downturn in oil prices after hopes for an agreement among top producers to freeze output faded.

After an extended holiday weekend, Wall Street financials (.SPSY), up 1.8 percent, and consumer discretionary stocks (.SPLRCD), up 2.5 percent, were among the best performing sectors on the session after showing some of the largest declines for the year.


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